Green Office Cleaning Services

Green Office Cleaning Services


What is green cleaning?

Many organisations have a desire to be a green organisation. There are many factors that can make a company “green” some of the obvious ones are the emissions the workplace lets out, the wastage and the amount of recycling we take part in. Some of the not so obvious is the type of cleaners we used. This is why the Rapido’s directors are concerned for the environment, and want to make sure that the cleaning methods we use are safe and effective.

Ultimately we are a green thinking company. Only a few in Australia have decided to take this approach and gladly is growing in popularity. We use green office products with a green cleaning service. We have been helping organisations to have a fresh and green work place since our inception. We know that we can assist you too. Today, as we continue to grow and build our reputation for quality green services in maintenance and janitorial work, we are firming the environmental and sustainable values. We continually explain the benefits to our clients and in most cases doesnt cost any extra to be green. Rapido helps reduce impact on our world we live in. Our green cleaning ways means less toxicity in your work environment, with no harsh petrochemicals serving to provide a minimisation in emissions in green house gases; our policy is to provide the best possible maintenance services and recycle as much as possible, reduce chemicals, support similar thinking green companies and a conscious reduction in waste. Not only is this better for your workplace but quality way of life for our environment.
More than office and commercial maintenance work, Rapido provides a helpful ideas to sort your office, turning into a green productive machine!


We believe that helping the environment starts at the home. This is why we have outlined some brief tips you can explore at home.


Do more with Vinegar, baking soda and lemons

Cleaning with baking soda, vinegar and lemons can keep your home clean on a cost effective budget and without exposure to petrochemicals found in some cleaners. Using baking soda, vinegar, and lemons is a great way to keep your home clean and green.

The reason that lemons are great for cleaning is because they have antibacterial qualities as well as a fresh and inviting smell. Lemon oil is added to many products for its smell and hygienic properties. Not to forget green!


The power of baking soda. In the dishwasher and for those smelly shoes

Some know that baking soda is great for fighting those stains and dirt. It can also be quite effective in the automatic dishwasher.

Thats right baking soda can remove shoe odours by a few simple steps. Try some easy and environmentally friendly ways to get rid of odors in those runners and smelly shoes. Give it a go to get rid of odours in stinky situations whilst keeping the environment happy.