Commercial Cleaning Melbourne

Commercial Cleaning Melbourne. We understand that different Commercial Cleaning Melbourne clients need flexible terms. That’s why we have arranged and organised special services for your specific needs. If you need us once a week, bi-weekly everyday or a once off we can handle small cleaner jobs to large scale work.

Our commercial cleaning Melbourne team has devised a unique system that will get your commercial premise on a whole new level. We are confident that we our systems will deliver more than expected from other maintenance service providers. All our staff are highly trained, dedicated and efficient at meeting your requirements. Best of all we all have a vested interest, meaning everyone involved wins.
We have managed to outline 6 different suggestions to use with our Commercial Cleaning services:


  • Security
    • Security is paramount to us, and for good reason. This is why it is on top of our list of priorities. We are exceptionally careful when selecting our staff members. Our security clearances are second to none and involve a police record check. With all staff members we do require references. Once we are happy with a new staff member, they are required to sign a confidentiality statement. We also urge our commercial clients to have their own security measures and especially handy are video cameras. When a crim occurs, we are just as concerned as you. We pride ourselves on good, honest commercial cleaning Melbourne.
  • Green office cleaning
    • When a occurring expense in any maintenance business spending any where from 5% to 10%, we understand that having a clean and environmentally friendly service is paramount for all! The director of Rapido, hopes to abolish petrochemicals used in our practice by the end of 2011. There are many ways we remain green, and the techniques keep growing
  • Commercial Cleaning Services available
    • The range of commercial cleaning services available fall under commercial, business cleaners, carpet cleaners and move out residential cleaners. We do have other minor services like handy man work, especially handy for moving out and the property needs to be replaced to its original state.
  • Best value.
    • We know there are many cheap cleaners, however even though we do match many commercial cleaning contracts on price, its the added value that makes the difference. We are confident that if you find a service close to what we offer we will either match it or beat it by 10%. Best value for commercial cleaning Melbourne.
  • Trained commercial cleaners.
    • In our view, trained staff equals exceptional commercial janitors are trained well. Each staff member is trained up well and can expect many different situations, this is why all cleaners are put through a rigorous training short course in many facets of commercial maintenance. Customer service too, because at the end of the day. Without you there is no us.
  • Follow up customer care.
    • Our follow up service is paramount. Rapidos goal is to provide you with great services and receive feedback, whether it be good or bad. We feel that feedback is the only way we can understand our commercial clients needs. We do conduct audits of our cleaners. If any incidents do occur, we obviously monitor the situation closely, and if patterns occur then we address the situation immediately.

We are a commercial cleaning Melbourne Based company but NOT limited to:


  • Melbourne
  • Melbourne CBD
  • Moonee Ponds
  • Toorak
  • Cleaning Kew
  • Malvern
  • Preston
  • Essendon
  • St Kilda Road
For more information about our commercial cleaning services Melbourne please contact one of our friendly staff members on 1300 916 519.